CHAMART will not exhibit at TAVOLA 2024 in Belgium

We regret to announce that CHAMART has decided not to exhibit at TAVOLA 2022 in Belgium, as it is still not easy to travel abroad due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
We are planning to exhibit at other trade fairs in Europe when it is easier to travel , and we will exhibit at TAVOLA 2024.

Please click here for details of CHAMART’s tea.

MATCHA, Powdered special high-quality green tea from Kakegawa
Powdered HOJI-CHA, Powdered roasted green tea from Haruno
SENCHA, Lightly-steamed green tea from Kakegawa
FUKAMUSHI-CHA, Deep steamed green tea from Kakegawa
HOJI-CHA, Roasted green tea from Shizuoka
GENMAI-CHA, Popped rice green tea from Shizuoka