■Company Name: YUtoMI Solutions Co., Ltd.

■Address: No.1-8-14 Shironishi, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

■Tel: +(81) 90-4401-8774


■Representative: Yukie Tokura (Ishiyama)

■The date of establishment: January 23, 2013

– Interpretation and translation of Japanese and English
– English lessons for Japanese-speakers
– Introducing and wholesale of Japanese tea overseas

– Research and writing manuscripts about tea in Japanese and English
– Planning and implementing seminars about tea in Japanese and English
– Developing tea recipes (fresh tea leaves, tea leaves and used tea leaves)
– Planning and implementing tea trips, tours and events
– Media coordination about Japanese tea

■Works related to tea:
– Planned and conducted a model tour which informs and gives experience about the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) Shizuoka Chagusaba faming method in 2021, and merchandizing the tour in 2022
– Translated description of exhibits at the Tea Museum Shizuoka into English in 2018
– Interpreted in business meetings between Japanese and foreign tea merchants
– Translated various documents relating to tea into English from Japanese

■Prizes related to tea
– Won a prize of excellence in the Business Idea Contest of GIAHS Shizuoka Chagusaba farming method in 2022
– Won the first prize of the tea essay contest in 2016

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