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CHAMART is a brand promoting the concept “Drink LEAF TEA and Protect Nature” run by YUtoMI Solutions Co., Ltd. The company was established in Shizuoka, Japan in 2013.
CHAMART introduces the charms of tea, including tea recipes, on this Site and sells Japanese tea certified as Organic JAS overseas as a wholesaler.

This Site introduces teas which CHAMART has drunk, facilities which CHAMART has visited and people whom CHAMART has met or got to know.

Most of the articles posted on this Site are written by CHAMART, but some of them were written by the third parties and some photos were provided by them. The Site does not describe all “Teas of Japan” or all “Teas of the World”. Additionally, each article expresses the writer’s personal experience and feelings.

Basically, this Site is not an advertising site and therefore CHAMART does not receive any benefits or fees for introducing products. However, this Site does participate in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to this Site. Some articles are linked to the Amazon’s affiliate advertising program.

This Site is not an online tea shop.
CHAMART will sell Japanese teas overseas as a wholesaler.
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CHAMART occasionally exhibits at trade fairs overseas.
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CHAMART strives to write all articles as accurately as possible. However, there may be errors in content or format. When we find them, we will correct them immediately. However, please do not use this Site as your only reference for your study of tea.
If you notice any errors, please contact us.
CHAMART appreciates it if you view this Site and enjoy tea.

We would like to give thanks to those who support CHAMART, to those who work in the tea trade, and to Tea itself.
Please enjoy teas!

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CHAMART’s other services (paid services)
Interpretation and translation of Japanese and English
English lessons for Japanese-speakers
Research and writing manuscripts about tea in Japanese and English
Planning and implementing seminars about tea in Japanese and English
Development of tea recipes (fresh tea leaves, tea leaves and used tea leaves)
Planning and implementing tea-related trips, tours and events
Media coordination about Japanese tea