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Donations and support for organizations and individuals introduced on the Charity page
This Site introduces an international NGO (non-governmental organization), an NPO (non-profitable organization), and groups or individuals that support people who are in a difficult situation. The Company asks that you use your own judgement and take full responsibility for your support and donations. The Company is not liable for any trouble or damage caused through support or donations.

Caution about excessive intake of caffeine
This Site introduces various teas, food using tea, tea recipes, etc. Tea leaves contain caffeine. Proper intake of caffeine has been shown to have diuretic, stimulant, and anticancer effects. However, it is necessary to be careful, because excessive consumption of caffeine may have adverse health effects. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children, should be especially careful regarding the amount of their caffeine intake.

The Contents of the pages of this Site were prepared with utmost care. The Company amends and updates the Contents on this Site at any time without prior notice, amending incorrect information and typographical errors in order to provide true, accurate, current information.
This Site does not describe all “Teas of Japan” or all “Teas of the World”.
The Company does not guarantee the completeness, usefulness, accuracy, reliability or safety of the Contents of this Site. The Company is not liable for any trouble or damage caused by the usage of this Site.
Please refrain from using this Site as a reference for studying tea. It is intended that this Site be used for the appreciation and enjoyment of tea.
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– Other websites that the Company has found inappropriate.

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Prohibited Matters
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